Welcome to UNODEX

A revolutionary trading platform


What is UNODEX?

UNODEX is a decentralized hybrid trading platform bridging the gap between a Centralized Exchange (CEX) and a Decentralized Exchange (DEX). Leveraging its technical specifications and resilience, it surpasses the capabilities of the two previously mentioned platforms. UNODEX has its own ETHEREUM NODE, enabling faster and more efficient transactions with complete anonymity compared to any other platform or Telegram BOT. Additionally, it possesses an interface that simultaneously offers the advantages of a CEX while preserving user anonymity

Use Cases:

UNODEX is designed for both seasoned investors and beginners. Through its simplified yet familiar interface, similar to all existing CEX platforms, users can access multiple trading features while operating on a decentralized interface, representing a revolution in itself. Moreover, UNODEX aims to become a hub in the cryptographic ecosystem, integrating features such as COPY TRADE with an unparalleled user interface, a CHAT between decentralized wallets connected to the ecosystem, and a comprehensive Dashboard for managing not only all the aforementioned elements but also all wallets linked to the main account.

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